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Mortgages in Spain

Mortgages in Spain

About mortgages in Spain

Mortgages in Spain are available from a variety of different sources including Spanish banks, Offshore lenders, some UK banks and a number of private banks throughout Europe.

We search the entire market to bring you the very best selection of Spanish mortgages for your property purchase in Spain.

Being non resident allows the customer to borrow up to 70% on the lowest between valuation and purchase price.

The conditions depend on the term and the kind of mortgage (fixed or variable interest).

Fixed ones start at 4.20% for 10 years, variable ones start at 4.85% the first year and Euribor + 3.50 for the following years. (As of Jan 2015)

In case you want a quotation, please enter your details (name, surname, ID number, address, email, phone number) and term and amount to borrow.

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